The appearance of the beard and moustache and their shapes are at least as important as the appearance of hair for men to achieve a wholesome aesthetical appearance. Even if the beard and moustache is not grown out, their existence is the symbol of masculinity. For men, this means self-confidence and an aesthetic appearance.

There are a lot of reasons why men may not have beards. The main reason is usually hereditary, that is, genetic. Apart from this, laser epilation, past surgical procedures, burns or accidents may also cause loss of the beard. Some autoimmune illnesses and decreases in testosterone (male hormone) may also cause loss of the beard and moustache. When an organic illness is suspected, the levels of the hormone testosterone must be checked.

Just as for the loss of hair, it is not possible to grow a new beard with cosmetics or medical treatments when there is a loss of the beard and moustache. The permanent solution for the loss of the beard and moustache is hair transplantation.

Beard and moustache transplantation is rapidly spreading across our country, where the beard and moustache are especially important, just as in the Middle East. The biggest reason for this is the increase in awareness that beard and moustache transplantation can be carried out, and the natural results that hair transplantation is having with the advancing technology and the discovery of new transplantation techniques such as FUE hair transplantation.

What does beard, moustache and side-whiskers transplantation mean?

Beard transplantation is the transplant of hair roots that are genetically programmed not to fall out taken from under the skin of the back of the head, from the area between the two ears, to the area where we want to create the look of a beard. The transplanted hair roots will not fall out and the results are permanent.

Who can undergo beard, moustache and side whiskers transplantation?

Just as beard transplantation is carried out on those who do not have any beard growth whatsoever, men who have sparseness or erratic beards in the beard and moustache areas can also have this procedure done.

Beard transplantation is also carried out in men that have acne, burn or incision scars in order to eliminate these scars in the facial area.

Men who favour the “dirty beard” / ”five o’clock shadow” look and want to lengthen their side-whiskers but have erratic and sparse beards also frequently undergo beard transplantation.

Transplantation of beard and moustache can also be carried out in cases where no beard loss is experienced, solely with the intention of changing the model of the beard and moustache.

Can everyone undergo beard and moustache transplantation?Anyone that has hair root on the area of the back of the head, in the area between the two ears, can undergo beard and moustache transplantation.