Dental surgery

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics or cosmetic dentistry is a discipline of dentistry that primarily focuses on improving the looks of a patient. The main focus of aesthetics dental and implant surgery is providing a better appearance. Though, these procedures may or may not improve upon the function of the teeth. The main focus of dental aesthetics include alterations on dental colour, alignment, positioning and size.

Dental Aesthetics Procedures

Modern dental aesthetics offer patients many different ways to restore their looks. Patients may take any of them in accordance with their personal situation. Let’s have a look at some of these procedures available in today’s health industry.

Dental Bonding

In the dental bonding procedure, dentists apply a tooth coloured resin-like material to the tooth. Then dentists use a special kind of light. This light makes this material harder and thus, it sticks to the surface of the tooth. The dental bonding procedure is among the easiest and the least expensive procedures in dentistry. This procedure provides a good restoration of the patient’s looks with a relatively small price tag.


The veneer is a very thin kind of plating that is made to fit each person. Doctors cover the frontal surface of the teeth with veneers. When a tooth is plated with veneer, it changes the colour, shape, length and similar properties of the tooth. Generally, we produce veneer from resin composites or porcelain. When we plate a tooth with veneer, we preserve the said tooth from environmental effects too. Though, this process is permanent and cannot be undone.

Dental Facial Aesthetics

Some operations help improve looks by changing the appearance of non-dental tissue. Today, most of the clinics may recommend these processes for their customers.

Gum Reshaping

Some people may have a gum lining too low on their teeth. This may lead to a “gummy” looking smile. Or some people may have an asymmetrical gum line. This operation helps by reshaping the gum line to have more symmetry and composure. Doctors can do this operation on a single tooth or multiple teeth at once.

Custom Dental Aesthetics

Nowadays, with the help of custom made dentistry equipment, we are able to address many different kinds of dental issues. Orthodontics is the main area in this branch. Furthermore, orthodontic treatment is able to bring confidence to many people with dental issues.

Orthodontics (or Braces)

Though we generally regard braces as an option for younger people, modern dentistry enables older people to get braces too. We use braces to correct misaligned or crooked teeth. It greatly improves the quality of life. Braces do their job by consistently applying pressure. This way teeth slowly come into the desired alignment. As the teeth move, the dentist sets the tightness of the appendices inside.