Beautiful and healthy hair has always been the icon of beauty for both men and women. They both strive to express themselves in the best possible way to have an attractive appearance and presence among their peers in the society. The most important thing for men’s attractiveness and masculinity is having strong, healthy and beautiful hair. But getting healthy hair is not easy. There are many factors that affect hair growth, causing hair loss even at a young age. Here comes the role of, men’s hair transplant, it is possible for You to be one of two- thirds of the world’s men who have been exposed to baldness. Even at a young age, baldness is inevitable. Studies have shown that 25% of youth at 21-year-old have had hair loss, for at least one case of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Genetic causes and factors are most prevalent, such as Genetic Baldness.
  • Scalp diseases that directly affect hair loss such as Alopecia.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Disturbance of Metabolism in the human body.
  • Some Chronic diseases.
  • Having many drugs that cause hair loss as a side effect.
  • Neurological and psychological disorder, such as work pressure, over stress, or fear. Among many other reasons consider being rare.

Your attractiveness and the beauty of your appearance give you extra social benefits, and the appearance beauty is linked, in one way or another, with confidence and social skills. It gives you great confidence, your presence among your friends or even in your work environment. A study by the “American Hair Loss Organization” said “some men change careers entirely because of problems such as hair loss”, and here comes the process of men hair transplant, to help you avoid these problems.

It’s one of the best and easiest medical solutions to be achieved with guaranteed results. The percentage of people who’ve done it in the Middle East increased by 12% with 23,136 operations. These fingers indicate how much the medical technology has developed, which made it easy, guaranteed process and there is no fear of its consequences or hesitation about its performance. Hair transplantation for men is available to anyone who wishes to do it, especially here in our clinic. We provide several advantages and results guaranteed without pain. Our clinic provides, on a monthly scale, more than 15,000 free consultations, more than 350 hair surgery, and more than 10,000 satisfied clients.

Hair Transplantation Techniques

FUE Hair Transplant

One of the methods used to give an attractive appearance and eliminate the problems related to baldness, in which, the number of follicles is implanted up to 5000 grafts, in accordance to the instructions of “World Health Organization”. In case, the patient case needs more grafts, “Mega FUE” is better used, in which the grafts number can go up-to 7000 graft. Naturally, the operation is divided into two consecutive days, in which the doctor takes a thoughtful extraction, one hair graft from hair set, using Micro Motor, in a way the donor area will remain safe without any negative effect to it or causing any baldness areas caused by oppressive grafts extraction, a mistake in which most of the clinics fall into, then, the doctor opens channels in the scalp and re-implant the grafts in those channels.

DHI Hair Transplant

This technique is known to be very accurate technique, based on the so-called “Choi Pens Implanter”, it gives full coverage and excellent density, it also gives the doctor much ability to fully control hair direction, in which it’s differ in this technique, the doctor doesn’t have to open channels in a small wounds as in the previous technique, he only drops the grafts to be implanted directly into the scalp, which reduces the side effects down to 0% without any surgical scars. This technique is the most advanced technique, it has several uses for its features. The most important thing is, total head-shaving, is not inquired anymore, making it the most demanding technique for many people. Where the transplant of grafts with a maximum number of 3000 grafts, in case the patient’s case needed more grafts, “Mega DHI” technique is selected, where the hair transplant is done on two consecutive days to implant the required number of grafts, and the maximum number in this technique is up-to 5000 grafts.

Robotic Hair Transplant

This technology is one of the latest, fastest and most accurate techniques, in which the robot is used to identify the area of baldness, examine the donor area, also it helps to choose the best grafts for implantation, then it helps implant those grafts in a record time equivalent to half of the time consumed in the previous techniques, this technique provides us with proactive images of implantation results before the operation. This technique has 100% guaranteed results and no side effects. HairTransGlobe is one of the only three Clinics using this technique in Turkey, HairTransGlobe is distinguished from the other two clinics, by using Robot Major, which is different from the other type with its four arms. This reduces the time to less than half, which makes this technique one of the most important and modern methods used.