Hair Transplant for Women. Women seek long, healthy hair. Long hair is one of the most striking signs of beauty for women, not only in the Arab world but throughout the world. Women, who have healthy hair, are more confident and more likely to feel alive. But there are many factors that are an obstacle for women to achieve their goal, to get long and beautiful hair, including external surrounding causes, genetic factors, and health issues.

When women’s hair starts to weaken, decline or go through any case of hair loss, the solution lays in women’s hair transplant. Studies have shown that more than 40% of women suffer from hair loss, but with the development of science and technology, hair transplant for women, has become possible with guaranteed results, and the number of women hair transplant surgery has increased at a very high rate. Today, we find many celebrities, media personalities and well-known media women who carry out hair transplant without hesitation, as a final solution to a perfect hair. Women’s hair transplant is no longer the same. In which women should shave their head, which is a barrier in the face of many women, to go through the process of hair transplant, however, the modern technology has developed new techniques today, made hair transplantation is easy to reach. We in HairTransGlobe have put your health and beauty first, so we are committed providing the best results using the best and the latest technology provided today, with HairTransGlobe , You can heal your hair, and keep your beauty even while it is being treated.

Causes of hair loss for women

  • Hormonal changes.
  • Menopause.
  • Skin diseases such as alopecia.
  • Gland disease.
  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • Wounds and burns.
  • In addition to some health factors, such as genetic factors, cover the hair for long periods of time, as well as the factor of stress, tension, and many other factors.

There is no doubt that every woman seeks to get long and healthy hair, but with the widespread and presence of these problems, many began to search for hair transplant for ladies, hair transplant for girls, hair transplant for women, as a solution to get the dream hair they seek to have, while maintaining their basic hair when they want to grow hair without shaving. We, here in HairTransGlobe are always will be with you to be as you want.

Techniques used in hair transplantation for women

Women often do not have baldness, as much as men, and often do not have too many bald spots or bald areas like men. But when we come to hair transplant, we get the same techniques used in hair transplant for men:

  • FUE: a technique used in hair transplant in general, it is one of the methods used for a long time, but it is not the technology we see suitable for hair transplantation for women, it requires a complete hair shaving, which is an obstacle to many girls, and does not achieve the purpose 100% of which are used mainly for, such as large baldness area transplant for men, and also it depends on the transplant of many grafts, which is rare in women.
  • DHI: The most common and used technique today, which is most appropriate for women, which most women are implanting small areas between the hair, or are likely to intensify the presence of hair in specific places, which in turn requires a precise tool such as Choi Pens used for hair transplant for women, using DHI technology.
  • Robot Harrts: The latest technology in hair transplant today, and the main factor that is designed for, is to increase the speed and accuracy of the hair transplant process, and we in HairTransGlobe, we offer you everything that is modern with first class, care and quality, because your beauty matters to us. It is your beauty and appearance that we’re working hard to provide.