teeth whitning

It is a treatment to lighten the color of the teeth and helps in dealing with the spots that appear on the teeth and changes in the color of the teeth. Teeth bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for teeth because it can greatly improve the appearance of teeth.

The outer layer of the tooth is called enamel. Every day on the enamel a thin layer absorbs the spots. In the enamel of the teeth, there are holes that can absorb stains. Teeth whitening is not considered a sufficient treatment to be performed once. In order for the color to last, the treatment must be repeated from time to time

Preparing for treatment:

Before treating teeth whitening, dental caries must be treated, because the ovarian solution can reach the internal parts of the teeth through damaged areas. In such cases, the teeth can become sensitive. Teeth whitening is not effective for teeth whose roots are exposed, and which do not have an enamel layer. Decreased tooth supports (gums) sometimes expose the roots of the teeth Also, teeth whitening is not effective in cases of old filling, crowns, or ceramic cladding.

The bleaching substance cannot penetrate the deposits that accumulate on the tooth, therefore, in order for us to successfully reach the outer surface of the tooth, it is important for the dentist or dental hygienist to clean the teeth before whitening treatment. After brushing your teeth, you can start whitening treatment.

A dental hygienist prepares patient molds that contain a whitening gel (gel), which fits perfectly with his teeth. Home bleaching takes two to three weeks.

The treatment process:
There are two main types of dental whitening treatments. Teeth whitening, the root canal has been treated and no live nerve is left, and teeth whitening nerves are still alive.

Teeth whitening in which there is no longer a living nerve:

In some cases, normal tooth whitening cannot improve the appearance of the teeth, in which the root canal has been treated. In such cases the dentist performs a different treatment, whitening the tooth from the inside. The doctor places an ovary inside the tooth and covers it with a temporary filling material. The tooth remains in this condition for several days. Sometimes, in order to obtain the desired color, it is necessary to repeat the treatment several times.

Teeth whitening in which nerves are still alive:In the case of home teeth whitening, the dentist takes samples of the therapist’s fingerprint and brings him one or two molds, which exactly match the building of his mouth and teeth. If the patient is concerned with whitening only one row of teeth (upper only or lower only), the dentist will present only one template. When whitening the two rows together, the doctor will prepare two molds.It is very important for the mold to precisely match the patient’s mouth building. A good match will keep the bleaching material on the teeth, as it will not irritate the periodontal gums. Over-the-counter molds do not usually fit perfectly in the structure of the mouth. If the bleaching substance can leak, it may irritate the periodontal supports.

Tooth whitening does not usually cause side effects, though, in some people, teeth become more sensitive for a short period of time. In addition, mild irritation may occur in periodontal supports.

Teeth whitening treatment is not allowed during pregnancy. As the effect of bleached substances on the development and growth of the fetus is still unknown. Since this is a cosmetic treatment, it should be postponed until after birth.


The dentist wishes to make sure that the process is progressing normally, so an examination is usually done after about a week.
Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. As the spots reappear. In smokers or those who consume large amounts of food or drinks that cause stains on teeth, the whites begin to disappear after about a month.
When avoiding consuming the factors that cause spots, the treatment can last for a longer period, and additional treatment will be needed after only six to twelve months have passed.